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Residential Air Conditioning Brisbane

Specialised Air Conditioning for Residential Homes

Hot temperatures especially during the summer months leave all of us looking for the comfort of coolness in our homes. Air Conditioning Brisbane provides the best solutions for all your AC needs. New AC technology today even enables environmentally-conscious homeowners to have the option of purchasing units that are very efficient.

For all our home AC installation and maintenance needs, you can trust Air Conditioning Brisbane. Find yourself the quietest and best in class efficiency models through ACB. Reliable units can be had by just an email or phone call to their office. You can get units even quieter than your dishwasher. All AC units sold by ACB are approved by government regulations. Air Conditioning Brisbane carries different AC models that offer economy and improvement in reliability and efficiency of different systems. This makes it easy on the ears and on your wallet. You might even find that you can get government rebates on your AC system purchase because of its efficiency. Just be sure to save all your receipts.

For larger homes, there is the option of the split system central air conditioning unit. This includes having a condenser installed outside the house connected to the coil and fan system indoors by piping containing refrigerant. Custom-made ducts carry the cool air from the unit to different rooms throughout the home. Homes that don’t need or can’t carry ducts can have the option of a split system without ducts. The AC unit just pumps cool air directly into the area it is installed in.

If you’re worried about the unit taking up a lot of space, there are compact units available for installation in tight spaces. You can get remote-controlled systems or have programmable thermostat controlled systems. Having a thermostat system allows you to set the AC system to start up and push out cool air for when you’re in the home and turn off automatically when you’re not inside the home.

When most think about installing AC units, they’re afraid of the high cost of installation and products. ACB offers easy payment solutions for you and competitive pricing for all the units they sell.
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